Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Music at Ten.

When I first met the Drzayichs, I immediately loved them. They're different and funny and awesome. The first Sunday after I met them, Jake invited Alise and me to what he called "Music at Ten", a event that happened every Sunday night where you listen to a playlist of music without talking or interruptions. We went, even though we knew zero people there other than Mack and Jake. Now, a year later, we still are lucky enough to participate in the Sunday tradition.

Jake is graduated now and livin' in the big ol' Idaho so he created a website, Facebook page, and Twitter for Music at Ten and continued the cute tradition. So now we get together at Mack's house in Provo, get on, and listen as Jake broadcasts it from Idaho. Well, this Sunday I got a call from Jake and he said this: "Sister Christiansen, we hereby call you to create a playlist for music at ten on january 15th, 2012. Your service is expected to last 20 to 30 minutes." I was very excited cause secretly I've always wanted to make one of the playlists. And then he told me I will be a 'top rate missionary' and that he thought I was a cool person and all that. And of course since it was coming from Jake Drzayich, I got emotional. He is so neat. So anyways. Here are the songs I put on my playlist. Enjoy cause they're slammin. Or in Jake's words "real raw".

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