Friday, January 20, 2012

The Adventures of Darn Fishkin

Last night Jesse and I spent the night playing Speed (neither of us are very good. That ended real fast), watching movies, and trying to find stories to put into my farewell talk about personal revelation. We didn't find any stories we really liked. So we made up a story about a man named Darn Fishkin and how he wanted to have personal revelation. So he cleaned his house because the Spirit can't dwell in an unclean vessel. It's a work in progress. Main point: we laughed so hard.

I'm not exactly sure why I want to document this, but I do. Also I think the fact that it was 3:00 AM made it a lot funnier to me than it actually was. Regardless I was happy to hang out with Jesse cause I have been socially deprived living by myself in South Jordan. 10 days, chillins!

PS. Future self: Remember how much your mom loves you by how much baking she has done for your farewell. Expected number of people: 200. Cupcakes for that many? Oh sheesh.

PPS. Today I got some glasses. The lady who helped me asked me if I was old enough to drive yet. Win for Lauren!

PPPS. Later on a lady at Target asked me what grade I'm in. IS THIS THE REASON I AM UNWED?! I LOOK LIKE A CHILD?! Okay cool.

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