Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Today was a really good day. I woke up feeling a little bit pessimistic about the day (I didn't do reading last night so I had to wake up an hour earlier than I normally do, and I love sleeping in when it's cold outside! But whatevs.), But seriously it ended up being such a wonderful day! I just need days like these sometimes. They get me excited about life and relationships and school and remind me that Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to feel happy, even if it's from simple little things. Like...

+waking up to rain
+devotional from president monson. he reminded us that we need to be examples of the believers and how it would strengthen us if every day we prayed to receive a confirmation of the truth of the scriptures.
+no quiz (which is good cause i did not do a good job on the reading earlier that morning!)
+two canceled classes
+extended deadline on my assessment paper
+a review session spontaneously replacing the canceled class (i needed that review session!)
+listening to christmas lights by coldplay while it started snowing
+playing with one of these in class (we put balls on the top of it and popcorned them everywhere. most terrifying experience of my life)
+dinner group
+the girl in the bathroom who complimented my mustard tights
+getting a random text from jake drzayich
+clean room
+she and him christmas album
+mission discussions with some of my favorite boys
+larsen holyoak hugs
+larsen visits where half of the visit consists of us looking for scriptures and arguing about the definition of cuddling
+eric being proud of himself when he found the poison scripture in the bible

Love it. So grateful for where I am right now and the people I am lucky enough to associate with every day.

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