Sunday, November 6, 2011

thankful november [[week one]]

Things that made me grateful this week:

+my mom. i complained this weekend about having to cook for dinner group when my day was going to be so busy and she drove down to provo with cooked food, halloween table cloths, and halloween candy for me to claim as my own.
+96% on my humanities paper. i will be grateful until i die.
+this mormon message video.
+hot tubs that are open until one in the morning.
+daylight savings.
+shopping trips with my family.
+karaoke at gurus. belting out love is a battlefield. from the audience.
+my wonderful job and the wonderful people that i work with.
+weddings. and larsen going with me even though he really wanted to watch the alabama lsu game. and saying to me as i went to catch the bouquet "do it for us, hon".
+jesse hancock and his superb comforting skills when i had a traumatic weekend.
+devotionals with the president of the lds church.
+cuddling. i will forever be grateful for cuddling.
+she&him christmas album & eric giving the music to me! such a nice friend.
+"you sneaky mom!"
+going on 3 dates this weekend. i felt like legit status.
+the snow.
+madi bringing me taco bell to work. "i saw that there wasn't a line so i decided to bring you some food!" i love her.
+beanie baby friends. and the taj in general.
+larsen. i just am really grateful for him this week. i adore that guy.
+unlimited fry sauce at the creamery.

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