Monday, October 31, 2011

Currently playing: Grim Grinning Ghosts [Haunted Mansion]

I had kind of a weird weekend.
the so-frustrating-i-want-to-scream-kind-of-weird (and I did).
I'm happy I have a cute family who is there for me always.
And a roommate who is protective of me.
And a mom who cooks dinner for me because I have so much to do.
And high school friends who I can just sit with and have so much fun.
And that I have the most awesome Halloween playlist on Pandora right now.
It's the little things, people.

PS I read in one of my textbooks that people who give at least five good hugs a day are happier people in general. I've been trying to hug five different people a day (for at least five seconds because that's how long they need to be to facilitate bonding) And it's totally legit. I'm one happy camper.

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