Tuesday, November 22, 2011

thankful november [[week three]]

Things that made me grateful this week:

+visits from alex jensen
+sammys cupcake shakes
+home teachers
+cell phone chargers
+fall weather (the snow will come & stay at the perfect time!)
+5 missionary letters
+michael white's wax-sealed letter
+orange rolls
+music at ten
+"you see alise, when god closes a door he opens a window." -lauren
"you know what god does do...provides delicious ham." -alise (i look over and she is sitting in her bed eating ham from a plastic bag. classic roommate)
+sold contract!
+my dad and how much he loves me
+dinner group saturday lunches
+cuddle sessions with jesse hancock
+football games. i will miss them. also the cute boys i get to watch them with. let's be real, they are the real reason i go.
+a doctrine and covenants professor who emails me the quotes i like from class
+the newsies dance (it's harder than it looks)
+my amazing bishop - that he is having the worst health issues right now but still puts in long hours because he loves us that much
+a's on psych tests

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