Sunday, November 27, 2011

thankful november [[week four]]

This break I have been completely overwhelmed with how grateful I am for the people in my life. You know how sometimes you just look at the people around you and want to cry cause you adore them so dang much? I felt that way ALL WEEK LONG. I am so grateful for my wonderful family and friends. The people in my life will be the hardest part about leaving on a mission. Even more than not being able to wear cardigans. This week has been bliss.

Things that made me grateful this week:

+hanging out with jake drzayich three days in a row. i just am crazy about that guy so it was wonderful to just listen to music, eat cookies, throw pumpkins, eat sandwiches, and talk with that guy. i am so lucky i got to see him one more time before i leave on my mission.
+ropes course date with larsen. & beating him at every race we did.
+watching the guardian & having it be a pleasant experience this time around. :)
+having absolutely zero classes this week.
+and even though it'll kick me in the butt later, i am grateful for doing no homework this week.
+thanksgiving food. specificially zucchini, bacon, & onions.
+dallin hiding gingerale for us under the table so we could sneak more without mom noticing.
+jesse hancock. and scrabble matches.
+black friday shopping with larsen, jesse, and michelle. we started at midnight like all the hardcores out there but i think we had a lot more fun than all of the hardcores out there. also i'm grateful for the free hot chocolate we got.
+friend sleepovers after black friday shopping.
+friend pizza parties.
+coy and wendell mickelsen.
+megan christiansen and her 19 years of being alive.
+sweet tomatoes.
+the lights downtown.
+alisha & her husband hanging out with us.
+braving h&m and getting a missionary bag!
+being able to listen to christmas music without people getting angry at me.
+rob making comments about how sad he will be when february comes because that means he won't see me anymore.
+my mom who lets my friends eat all of her pumpkin cake.

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