Wednesday, November 16, 2011

‘I will move, unless I feel it is wrong; and if it is wrong, then I will not do it.’

In a nutshell this is how I feel about going on my mission. I never had an overwhelming experience knowing I should go. I just thought about it and decided to move forward with faith, knowing Heavenly Father would let me know if there were some other plans for me. And there aren't. :) A mission is where it's at, people.

"...There may have been two or three ways that I could have gone, any one of which would have been right and would have been in the general area providing the experience and means whereby I could fulfill the mission that the Lord had in mind for me. Because he knows we need the growth, he generally does not point and say, ‘Open that door and go twelve yards in that direction; then turn right and go two miles...’ But if it is wrong, he will let us know--we will feel it for sure. I am positive of that. So rather than saying, ‘I will not move until I have this burning in my heart,’ let us turn it around and say, ‘I will move, unless I feel it is wrong; and if it is wrong, then I will not do it.’ By eliminating all of these wrong courses, very quickly you will find yourself going in the direction that you ought to be going, and then you can receive the assurance: ‘Yes, I am going in the right direction. I am doing what my Father in Heaven wants me to do because I am not doing the things he does not want me to do.’ And you can know that for sure. That is part of the growth process and part of accomplishing what our Father in Heaven has in mind for us." -John Groberg

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