Saturday, January 28, 2012

Can I help you find something?

Yesterday was my last day at Target, my place of employment since the ripe ol' age of seventeen (Maybe that's the reason all of the guests think I'm still in high school. Target is somehow the fountain of youth for me and has frozen me for time and all eternity!). It was nice for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, we practical joked people. The tripod opened the store together (The cute name Stephanie gave the Rachel+Stephanie+Lauren combo) which is always fun and we ended up with this huge box after unpacking accessories. Rachel said she wanted to get in it really badly, and I supported that decision. This escalated to sticking Stephanie inside and tricking people into helping Rachel "lift this really heavy box" in the backroom. I pretended I was throwing cardboard away and did not talk at all because, let's be real, I'd blow our cover real fast. I laughed so hard I cried, however. Which blew our cover a little bit. People got suspicious real quick.

Oh look, a harmless, gigantic box!

Surprise! Stephanie is crammed inside the box!

Secondly, it was pleasant because Rachel aka cutest boss ever, put together a little "Lauren's leaving and going on a mission" scrapbook and it just touched me so much! Most of the people I work with are non-members but it was so great to hear how excited and supportive they are of me still. So grateful for Target today.

(This was my favorite part. Kevin is the biiiiig store boss. Like the real deal. And he's always kind of intimidated me. I half smile when I see him and keep on walking. So even though I've worked there for like 5 years, don't really know the guy. And as demonstrated by what he wrote me, he has no idea who I am either. Which is hilarious to me. 1. I am not transferring to the Orem store. 2. I have never done any transitioning with you. I am the operator. I answer the phones and make sure people don't steal stuff in the fitting room. Hilarious! I love it!)

So pleased. Word.

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