Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter Break

My Christmas break has been magical. Full of movies, dinners, present giving, dance parties, cuddling, temple trips, lunch dates, and laughter. All of my favorite things. So grateful for the friends I have and the time I get to spend with them before I spend some time in Malaysia. Next week? DISNEYLAND! (My parents are totally cool and love me)

{Christmas dinner! I ate so much food}

{One night after watching a movie, we all left ready to go home.
But it snowed for the first time that day. So naturally Blake pulled us around
in his car. Car skiing! Jesse was the most talented at it.}

{Indiana Jones movie marathon. We did all three, as you can tell by
how exhausted we all look.}

{Christmas Eve dance party}

{singing Christmas songs at our friend Christmas party}

{This is called counter dancing and Megan and I love it.}

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