Monday, October 17, 2011

Random thoughts.

1. Why has it taken me all semester to discover Jamba Juice's belgium street waffles? Oh my goodness.

2. I need to stop thinking 'Today I'm going to get a LOT done'. Those are the days I sit on my bed, eat cereal, watch Youtube videos, and look at blogs. With an occasional sentence or two inserted into my paper.

3. The mail lady is legitimately stealing my mail this time. I'm sure of it.

4. Before the semester is over I am going to hike the Y. It has to be done.

5. Before I leave on the mission I want to read all of the Harry Potters again.

6. Every single thing Tom Black says makes me laugh.

7. I'm bringing a text book on the drive to Alpine. I know full well I won't be reading anything.

8. I genuinely love West Side Story. And weirdly writing an 8 page analysis on it actually makes me like it MORE. I listen to this song almost daily.

9. Jbeibs made me hardcore excited for Christmas.

10. Can't wait for Humanities to be done and over with.

That is all.

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